Hanumantha a cerebral and polio affected boy came to us at a very young age and stayed on for almost 7 years during which time he went through his informal training at the spastic society of Karnataka.. Mrs. Mallika his sponsor was a very committed and involved helper. Her constant support and encouragement helped us see Hanumantha finish his training at the spastic society successfully. The job development centre helped him tremendously. Later he went to the horticulture division of the APD where he received training in horticulture. Mrs. Dave of the society was able to place him at the Brooke Bond Company as an assistant gardener. During his stay at Kutumba his personality flowered and his pleasant disposition won him many friends. Diana Tholoor one of our faithful friends and founder president of Chrysallis says ‘ Hanumantha helped in the birthing of Chrysallis,( a theatre company). On my visits to Kutumba there was never a day when he would not ask me to find him a job. His imploring eyes and persuasive talk made me look beyond his disability. Today I am blessed to see the hand of God enabling hundreds of the challenged children and young adults perform on stage”. He keeps in touch with us on a regular basis although he no longer resides at the centre and keeps himself informed of the developments.
The test of
morality of a
is in what it does for its
- Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Anjamma- Born in Chinatamani in a village which suffers drought many a time. Was identified by the Association of the physically disabled. Anjamma was trained as a draftsman for 3 years. During this period she stayed at Kutumba. Her growth over the 3 years has been remarkable. Not only did she equip and qualify to work in the world outside, but grew and matured into a confident, assured young woman. The nurture and care given at the Home helped Anjamma to love herself and others around her, to accept herself with all the limitations and to joy in her surroundings.

She along with a few friends realizing the difficulties of commuting to work has set up a small manufacturing and marketing unit. She has developed a new set of skills and excels in the creative arts. More than anything else Anjamma is renewed in her mind and has a healthy self esteem.


Arjun came to us when he was about 8 years of age. An auto rickshaw driver found him working in a scooter garage. With none to care for him and absolutely no education he was moved to bring him to Kutumba. Arjun through sheer perseverance and of course God’s grace was able to start reading with the help of the other residents. After a few years he felt confident to learn on his own and cleared his 7th grade exams. A few years later he was able to sit for his 10th grade. Today he has 2 telephone booths and has employed a physically challenged person to man one booth while he takes care of the other. Although he has moved out of Kutumba he stays at the centre during his visits to Bangalore. Arjun developed his level of confidence and excelled in the role of a compere for a few programmes for Chrysallys. He is very comfortable to stand in the gap and assist others around him who may be diffident. A very hardworking individual, he leaves no stone unturned to achieve the goals he sets before him.