Kutumba Wellspring

Passionate about the fact that a desperate need to be listened to cuts all barriers.

“We’re here to hear and listen to you!”
“Would you like to know the thoughts of your heart?”
“When was the last time you felt heard or listened to?”
“Panic! Anxiety! Fear! Is this something you go through often?”

Kutumba Wellspring is a counselling centre with a difference.
Counsellors with decades of experience in areas of Relationships, Marriage, Family and Parenting will help you understand yourself and realize your potential to live a joyful life.

Pre-marital / Marriage Enrichment

You are prepared for your WEDDING. Are you prepared for your MARRIAGE?
Are you just SURVIVING in your marriage or are you LIVING it?


Are you making parenting an ENJOYABLE experience?
Have you been able to identify with and enable your CHILDREN to overcome EMOTIONAL STRESS?
Would you like to strengthen your COPING SKILLS, and care for your children, especially those who have SPECIAL NEEDS?

Kutumba Wellspring offers

Customized and Specialized Counselling

    • Adoption and parenting
    • Addiction
    • Couples counselling
    • Mental Health and Emotional Wellness


CALL US / EMAIL to register

– Pre-marital — 8 classes over a period of 4 months
You would like to get married / have a steady girlfriend/ or are engaged to be married

– Marriage Enrichment — 8 classes over a period of 4 months
You may or may not problems in your married life to attend this class. You would like to strengthen your marriage, and make your spouse feel loved even more


Counselling provided by trained professionals has been known to make a profound impact on the lives of individuals, families, and communities

Mary Paul – Founder
Enjoys training and counseling. Has 33 years of experience in counselling, with specialization in family and addiction counseling.

Lata M. Jacob
Since 1987, has been providing counseling services for those with mental health issues and in suicide prevention

Susan Ninan
Experience in counselling and dealing with children and women, has a deep compassion for the underprivileged children, and training them in life skills and values.