Mary Paul – Founder
When Mary was working in an adoption agency, she found it heartbreaking that people were reluctant to adopt differently abled children. In 1991 she started Kutumba, to provide foster care for these children. Over the years Kutumba grew larger as she extended the services to provide a safe home for girls who came to Bangalore to learn vocational skills. Today Kutumba actively encourages women to be independent through the livelihoods program and by providing support systems for working mothers.

Varkey Thomas
Varkey designed and built Kutumba, and among other things, he supervises the maintenance and repairs of the building. Varkey has been a tower of strength for Kutumba, he is the chief troubleshooter for all the challenges that Kutumba faces.

Susan Ninan
Susan is passionate about working with underprivileged children and the elderly. She has been associated with Kutumba for the last four years as an advisor and a mentor.

Rani Desai
Rani has been associated with Kutumba from 2006 as a member of the managing committee. Rani has over a decade of experience in designing and implementing programs in the field. She is using this experience to strengthen Kutumba’s current programs and introduce new programs.

Lata Jacob
Lata has been associated with Kutumba from 1991, when Mary Paul first took on the care-giving responsibility of children with challenges. Lata and Mary were providing career guidance for students in Bangalore & Kerala under Kutumba. Lata provides advisory support to the Kutumba team.

Usha Chacko
Usha has been on the Board since 2010, helping Kutumba by supervising the Bal Vikas program – specifically the diet, learning and play for the children.


Vinod Chacko
Vinod is an SAP expert; he brings this expertise to establish strong operational systems in Kutumba. He is establishing systems for tracking and monitoring program metrics as well and inventory and finances.