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About Our NGO

Since 1991, when it was registered to support families, Kutumba has worked with children and women with mental and physical challenges. Over the past 30 years, Kutumba was able to care for more than 50 children with intellectual disabilities and over 850 young women with physical challenges.

The women who came through our program are today financially independent and emotionally stable. Our group foster care program provided safe housing, good nutrition, and psychosocial support for young girls from districts across Karnataka and other states in the South.

The residential program for young women with physical challenges ensured that they were heard. Coming from various parts of South India and most often from rural India, their diffidence was apparent. The Kutumba staff spent quality time with them on a regular basis to help build healthy self-esteem and confidence. Read More

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Our Mission

  • 1. To create caring and cheerful communities, and strengthen them
  • 2. To encourage women to excel, create livelihoods for women from underserved communities and provide support systems for working women from these communities
  • Our Vision

    To see wholeness in people and progress in communities.

    Popular Causes

    Kutumba has worked with children and women with mental and physical challenges. Read More

    Bal Vikas / Day Care

    Raising : ₹100000

    Safe space where migrant mothers can leave their children when they go to work. Read More

    Kutumba Wellspring

    Raising : ₹100000

    Passionate about the fact that a desperate need to be listened to cuts all barriers. Read More

    Kutumba Kitchen

    Raising : ₹500000

    Motivating and training women to earn a living so that their children stay in school. Read More

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    Meet our Team

    Meet our inspirational dedicated team

    Mary Paul

    Founder and President

    Lata Jacob


    Vinod Chacko

    Member Trustees

    Rani Desai


    Varkey Thomas

    Member Trustees

    Usha Chacko

    Vice President

    Susan Ninan

    Member Trustees

    Beulah Jemima

    Member Trustees
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